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Staying Centered

From a yoga point of view it is important to create practices that emphasize the work on the lower body, using the legs strongly and staying for long holds:...

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A Word Or Two About Alignment

Your pose might not be as perfect as the ones you see in yoga magazines, but are you breathing in it? Is your mind present with the movements and postures that your body is doing?...

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Reflections, Holidays & closing the Cycle

The Solstice, Xmas and New year celebrations, are not merely dates in our calendar, they mark the end and beginning of a cycle and is important to create rituals around these dates and make room for prayer and intention....

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Why We Love Surya Namaskar

Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) are the VIP´s of yoga classes, mainly because they are part of pretty much every style of yoga and often find their way into most class sequences....

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Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes

Here´s a beautiful body scrub (and very cheap) you can do in your kitchen that is full of antioxidants and will improve circulation, boost metabolism (great for the winter months) and allow your skin to breathe better....

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