Flights and Accommodation – Portugal

Europe’s Secret Paradise

Portugal has been one of the best kept secrets of Europe for decades. The most southern country of Europe and the doorway to the Atlantic make this small big country unique for their cultural heritage, stunning cliff beaches and delicious culinary flavors.

The mood is laid back and the people are super friendly and welcoming to everyone that comes from abroad to visit.


The easiest way to get to our training or retreat facility is to fly to Lisbon.

From Lisbon you can either take a taxi to Ericeira or take a bus from Campo Grande, which you can access by taking the Underground (Metro) from the airport.

Meals and Ingredients

Diet is a fundamental part of our training and retreat philosophy and ties in deeply with our holistic curriculum.

All of our meals are vegan/vegetarian and 80% of the ingredients are organic. All vegetables are coming from a farmers market only 5 minutes away from the city center and we re-source local and seasonal ingredients.


Holistic Health & Yoga Retreat

We will be staying at the Surf Yoga Guesthouse in Ericeira. Only a 10 minute walk from the beach, this beautiful place has 5 double bedrooms, a dormitory and an on-site yoga shall where we will do our group practices.

Holistic Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our venue is one of the biggest properties in the area of Ericeira and definitely the oldest with more than 400 years old. The property is used for a variety of events including trainings as it provides spacious grounds, swimming pool, tennis court, 2 studios, all surrounded by pristine forest and only a 3 minute car ride to the beach.

Our Trainings In Portugal

7 Day Holistic Health & Yoga Retreat

Holistic Yin Yoga Teacher Training


For further information, bookings or special requirements on the diet please Contact Us

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