2022 - Light & Reflections for the New Year!

2022 - Light & Reflections for the New Year!

Happy New Year Yoga Family!

It´s real, we are in 2022!


I hope this is a year of INSPIRATION, COOPERATION & FOCUS for me and for you! I´m starting this year slowly and gently, as opposed to having too many goals and unnecessary pressure. Sometimes is essential to take a different approach and see what happens when you move in life at a different pace. The predictable is fading and replaced with qualities like adaptability and resilience. Deep listening is the name of the game!


Tonight is full moon, the light is bright so If you have a moment reflect on these words/questions and see what comes up for you:

In the awareness of the present moment, there’s lots to be thankful for! If our dreams and goals are rooted in an internal space of gratitude, they have better chances to be realised. We aspire to something greater and better from a space of satisfaction and appreciation for what we have already. Close your eyes & meditate on the following:


What is something you already appreciate about 2022?

What´s a way you could share your skills and gifts with others this year?

In order to create or attract, we also have to let go and release, so what do you want LESS this year and how can you release it?


The Swara Team and I wish you a wonderful year ahead! We will be listing our offerings soon and hope to see you on or off the mat sometime this year.

Much love,


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