Autumn Rituals

Autumn Rituals

According to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Autumn is a time of transition and the time where the Vata Dosha is predominant. Is essential that we attend to Vata at this time of the year by establishing daily rituals to keep this energy in balance and make the most of this beautiful season.


Doshas are the term used in Ayurvedic medicine to describe particular energies that circulate in our bodies and govern our bodily functions and state of mind. These energy combinations or patterns are unique to each person as they depend on physical constitution, present condition, environment, season and other factor that determine how our bodies function and how we feel.


The qualities of Vata Dosha are: dry, rough, windy, erratic, cool, mobile, light, quick, changeable and clear. In this time of the year, all these qualities accumulate in both the environment and in our bodies, following the Ayurvedic principle of “Like increases Like”. 


I compiled a list of 7 different areas of your life that you can focus during each day of the week and bring daily holistic rituals to enhance wellbeing and prosperity, as true wealth starts with our own health. 


These are topics for you to consider each day and implement them in your daily routine. You can follow the suggestions here or do it in your own way. What is important is that you use the clarity that comes from eating clean foods and reducing Vata in the body. When Vata is low, Prana, the life force is high in the body and one experiences vitality and inspiration!


Day 1 The Inner Temple


Oil is the best way to stay warm and have your skin and joints well lubricated. Self-massage with oils like sesame, olive or almond are ideal after your evening shower before bed. Apply the oil while your body is still wet for better absorption.


Day 2 The Outer Temple

Organising your Physical space

Great time to get rid of items you no longer need or use. My rule is if I didn´t use it for a whole year maybe is time to find a new owner. Make sure you can donate to organisations that can benefit from your clothes, books, etc. Be ruthless on the letting go!


Day 3 Get your clock Right

Sleep & Routine

Sleep is magical, sound sleep is pure joy. Your body appreciates if you go to bed early and wake up early. Try that for a whole period that you can establish for yourself, you might start with 1 week and see how long you can prolong that routine. Your social life will be on minus, be warned!


Day 4 Water Blessings

Body, Bowels and Brain Hydration 

Drink enough water throughout the day in between meals, this is often enough to change the efficiency levels of your body. If that is not enough you could add a water colon cleanse to your program. Find a clinic near you that performs these treatments and book in for a 1-3 sessions. If you have access to an Ayurvedic clinic near you, you could also choose to do a Basti, the Ayurvedic version of a colon cleanse but done with medicated oils. 


Day 5 Watch the Clouds & Clear the Sky

The power of Meditation 

Mediation is a space of deep rest, potential and creativity. Take 10 minutes in your day, once or twice a day to create space for your mind and observe where it wonders. You might be surprised with the incredible insights that can come from seating still and observe. Check our YOUTUBE channel for some free meditations.


Day 6 Emotional Healing

A new way of looking at Grief

When we engage in the letting go process, our emotional landscape also gets moved around and shuffled. It´s natural to grieve when something or someone we held dear to us has gone. In these days that you have taken for yourself, allow yourself to grieve and finish the process by making a small ritual in honour of what you learned, what you cherished and what can you surrender. On the other side of that experience is the freedom and the space for the new and the unknown.


Day 7 Active Development

Creative Writing

Writing is as creative as it is therapeutical, so either if you´re working on a personal or professional project try to put things on paper first. Make a commitment to write every day. You can choose to focus in different areas with your writing: like what you dreamt the night before (great subject for morning writing), your emotional world, your ideas, projects you want to develop, your goals for the week are some examples. The principle is that when you put it on paper, already left your imagination and it´s now on a the material plane.


What about Movement?

When it comes to movement and yoga, the Autumn is the ideal time to clear the Lungs and Large Intestine, so poses that stimulate the mid lower section of the abdomen are great like Pigeon pose (Eka pada rajakapotasana) or cow´s face pose (Ghomukasana).

Also, just regular cardio workout stimulates the lung energy, all the toxins that often stay at the bottom of the lungs can rise and be cleared through the breath. Fast paced walking, swimming or any of your favourite workouts that “raise the beat”!


Last Note…and Leaving!

I hope you enjoy your week with these suggestions here and perhaps experience your body and mind revitalised after you have taken 1 week of self-care.

Like anything follow what you can, see what suits you, choose what parts you want to incorporate in your daily routine and what´s not for right now. After all that’s what Nature teaches us in Autumn, what do we keep that is essential & what do we graciously let go.

I always love to hear from you and what you have experienced. Leave your comments here or drop me an email at swarayogaschool@gmail.com


Much love & health,

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