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Women´s Health & Yoga Series


 2nd - 30th May, 2021 - Online


5 Weeks Online Series

Are you interested in deepening your practice and develop a sustainable yoga approach in alignment with your womanly body, rhythms and cycles?


In this Women´s Health & Yoga Series - Online, we will be covering a broad range of topics and practices to create cyclical awareness, develop creativity and attune to the internal feminine wisdom of our bodies.


Week 1

Rest & Reset

At the root of many hormonal imbalances there´s a woman that is stressed out. We start this series activating the Yin, source of feminine energy and the catalyst for internal homeostasis and hormonal balance.


Week 2

Internal Stability - External Freedom

This therapeutic practice is designed to raise awareness around the pelvic floor as the foundation of our womanly body and gateway to the womb. Centred around pelvic and lower back stability, this invigorating class will bring you a new awareness to move from.


Week 3

Optimizing Digestion for mental and emotional clarity

In the holistic sense, digestion in not merely physical; emotional and mental digestion are intrinsically connected with the power of our core Fire organ, the small intestine. As we learn about optimal digestion powered by conscious eating, we will practice an invigorating sequence for optimizing all our digestive processes, from physical to emotional.


Week 4

The Seasons within the Cycle

Learn through this embodiment practice the different inner seasons of your cycle and correspondent practices for each one of them. Where Yin meets Yang, we get to integrate each transition in the current phase we find ourselves and cultivate the appropriate practices to support it.


Week 5

Create from Within

Explore creativity by activating your womb wisdom. Creativity is an external expression of your internal world. In this practice we will harness this internal energy through the practice of asana, meditation and creative self-inquiry work.

Your Teacher

Sofia Araujo

A different Online Experience

Rest, practice and regenerate in the comfort of your home!




The details:

Time: 10am – 12pm (every Sunday) Lisbon Time

Investment: €108



Each class builds up on the next. All classes in this series contain:


The theme development in line with holistic health principles for women

The practice of asana sequences, mudra and meditation.

Weekly theme reflection sheet

List of short follow-up micro-practices for your week

All classes are Live on Zoom



Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!