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Women's Yoga & Leadership Training


Ibiza, Spain 24 October - 2 November, 2020

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  • Would you like to heal your body with ancient yogic and ayurvedic wisdom grounded in contemporary feminine spirituality?
  • Are you interested in deepening your yoga practice and teaching yoga which honors the womanly body, rhythms and cycles?
  • Are you ready to lead from your heart-womb with an authentic feminine leadership approach?
  • Or you’re simply ready to prioritize your personal growth in 10 days of nourishing self-care practices, supported by a nurturing community of women and set in the beautiful west coast of Portugal?

If you’ve answered YES, then this unique and specialized Women’s Training is for YOU!

Based on the ancient practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism, this training provides a solid foundation in women´s anatomy & physiology, hormonal health, daily and seasonal Ayurvedic practices, holistic nutrition for the woman´s body, energetic Tantric and Taoist practices and feminine leadership for both your personal and professional development.

Our yoga training inspires a grounded and embodied model for you to reconnect with your innate wisdom as a woman, regain sovereignty of the sensual body, develop self-mastery in your thoughts, emotions and habits, as well as creating your own personal and/or social change project, based on the core values of feminine empowerment, leadership and holistic business.

This is a life-changing experience of high-quality knowledge something every woman should experience. Soul nurturing journey and the best gift I could give to myself!
Elvira Ocran, Netherlands


The curriculum below outlines the topics that explored in lectures during the course, and are divided into 3 modules. Complementary to the lectures, our daily yoga practices will weave these themes into your body and awaken the subtle wisdom and internal dialogue within you.

Module 1

Awaken The Womanly Body:

  • Women’s anatomy, physiology and menstrual cyclical wisdom.

  • Ayurvedic living for women.

  • TCM & 5 Element philosophy.

  • Hormonal and reproductive health for vitality.

  • Nutrition and nourishment for self-care

  • Yoga asana, philosophy, pranayama, mudras and meditations.

  • Healing women’s reproductive health issues with yoga, nutrition and spiritual practices.

Module 2

Nurture the Feminine Essence:

  • Womb anatomy, spirituality and healing.

  • Jade Egg Taoist practices.

  • Nurturing and harnessing your ovarian/heart/womb energies for healing and creativity.

  • Tantric philosophy, feminine roles and archetypes

  • Reclaiming your fertility, sensual intelligence and sexual sovereignty.

  • Self-care practices designed for the female body, including the Mizan womb massage and other ancient traditional womb care techniques.

  • Somatic Psychology and Trauma-Informed approaches for women.

Module 3

Walk Your Talk! Lead with Passion and Purpose:

  • Holistic business for women

  • Feminine leadership model for social change makers

  • Integration of the womanly way of holistic health, business, leadership and change.

  • Teaching and heart-felt expression from your authentic voice.

  • Communicate with confidence and fearlessness.

  • Mentorship and coaching in creating your dream business/project/life.

This course has change my life by learning to embrace my feminine power is something I now carry with in me for the rest of my life, for myself and for sharing with others in yoga teaching. I feel inspired to make a bigger social change project with all that I learned. Every woman needs to go on this course!
Rosie Branson, UK
Participating in the Women´s Health Yoga & Leadership Training was a real breakthrough for me. Although I have been interested and active in my own personal development for years, it felt as a relieve to share my quest with other women and at the same time being true to my own process. There is a power in sharing my vulnerabilities and strength during the training. it helped me realize that I am never alone, there is always the support of others. IF I am open and willing to receive and give of course. I wanted to start my own business in personal development but I felt a bit lost during the process, the training helped me focus on where I want to go, who I am and how to stay centered through yoga, good food and meditation. I learned to take care of my SELF, listening to my body, my menstrual cycle and accept that every phase has different needs. As a result, I feel more confident and focused. Sofia and Atira provided the right guidance, knowledge and safety to open up and share. They are authentic in their own way. Spontaneous, funny and serious when needed.
Stacey Blume, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Entrepreneur & Life Coach


7am – 9amYoga Practice
9am – 10amBreakfast Break
12pm – 3pmLunch Break
3pm – 5pmLectures and Group Sessions
5pm – 5.30pmTea Break
5.30pm – 7pmYoga Practice & Meditation
7.30pm - 9pmDinner
My time in Portugal was time taken for bettering myself, rejuvenation and connection to the wisdom and nature of my body and the Feminine that is oh so deep and healing. Sofia is incredibly articulate, deeply connected and fully embodied in her teaching, which makes her so lovely to learn from and spend time with. Thank you so much for these wonderful and enriching 10 days!
Emily Shain, Israel

Why Are We Passionate About This Training?

Our modern society and traditional hatha yoga approaches taught today are primarily based on masculine and patriarchal principles and paradigms. This imbalance of our culture is why many women experience dis-ease, imbalance and disempowerment in their lives. Signs and symptoms of this include the increase of women’s reproductive health issues, hormonal imbalances, depression and anxiety, and exhaustion and fatigue.

The great news is that you can change and heal your life, and build a life that honors a feminine, heart-centered way of Being Woman, and step into a holistic paradigm of embodied and empowered feminine living.

More than another yoga program, this unique course will inspire you to re-connect to your feminine power, re-ignite your passion and purpose, transform your fears and doubts into trust and intuitive wisdom to increase your self-mastery, and support you to embody your inner teacher and leader from a heart-centered approach of authenticity.

The woman you’ll be in leadership training was it truly healing experience for me, brought me back to my true nature and opened my heart-womb connection So I can follow my inner teacher.
I’ve been surrounded by so much love, joy and wisdom and I wish Everywoman the opportunity to take such a beautiful and impactful journey.
Pia Feige, Germany


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Our Training Location

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Supporting Social Change: Our partnership with Art to Healing

Every girl and woman deserves to determine her future.

As part of our feminine social change model, this teacher training “pays it forward” to assist women and girls from Nepal who have experienced sex slavery and exploitation to also receive valuable therapeutic support and education.

$150 from your fee in this teacher training will sponsor ONE woman in Nepal to attend the Women’s Life Transformational Program, providing the chance for these girls to live a life free from slavery.


Sofia Araujo

Atira Tan




Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!

Attending the Woman´s Yoga & Leadership Training have been one of the most transformative trainings, I have done. Being a fulltime teacher and studio owner, life gets too busy and I came to this training with the intention of practicing and deepening myself in the studies and in myself, more than just learning about new concepts intellectually.
With Sofia´s and Atira´s loving, professional, transformative and inspiring teachings and guidance, I feel like a new woman. In fact, I’m prouder than ever to be a woman! I now know how to fully honor my womanly being and cycle in order to discover even more gifts and superpowers in this life as a spiritual female being. It feels like the beginning of a new journey, where I’ll be closer to myself than I even knew possible.
Thank you to my beautiful, fully present, passionate and wise teachers for this! I’ll refrain from calling them Gurus but in relation to the feminine energy in and around us, they did take me from some darkness/a place of not knowing to Light/a place of seeing.
I have lived and worked with the 5 elements since my first training with Sofia and this training added an extra dimension to this wisdom of nature.
I can highly recommend this training for any woman who wishes to make a positive difference in her life - and in other people lives! When we understand our own nature better, we can understand others better and make a profound impact on the life of the people we touch.
Line Fricke, Denmark
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