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Holistic Yin Yoga Teacher Training


ONLINE - Zoom 40 Hours

November 15th - 21st 2024

Yoga Alliance Accredited Training

Do you prefer an in-person training?  We run this training on-location in 2025

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Note: This training is often sold out, reserve your place soon!

Looking for an opportunity to take your yoga practice and teaching to a deeper place? This is the training immersion for you!

This training comprehends an integral education in the practice of Holistic Yin Yoga, providing students in-depth knowledge of the human body, ranging from a fascia and nervous system perspective to a subtle energetic approach with meridian theory, allowing students to experience the different layers of the practice and teaching methods.

Both an integral education and a personal self-care retreat, the Holistic Yin Yoga Training is one of our favourite trainings of the year, with meaningful practices to help us contemplate, reflect and digest.

"This online course was a real life-changer, I'd heard about it 2 years ago, and have wanted to do it ever since, but I believe it came in the right timing. As I was going through various events in my personal life, I was able to implement the different teachings of the course, simultaneously into my daily life, which was incredibly helpful and insightful. It helped me manifest the Yin energy in a practical way, and, as it turns out, when I needed it the most. The contents were so rich and taught me on so many different levels, I am forever grateful for taking this course."
Malou Auvrignon, France


Functional Anatomy & Physiology applied to Yin Yoga:

  • Pathways of the Brain & Nervous System

  • Unwinding the Spine & Tension

  • Fascial System

  • Myofascial Lines

Subtle Anatomy & Application in Yin Yoga

  • 5 Element theory and Natural cycles

  • Postural meridian mapping

  • Integration of physical, energetic and spiritual bodies: Jing, Qi & Shen

  • The mind in meditation and yin practices

The Art of Teaching Holistic Yin Yoga

  • Effective communication and voice positioning

  • The art of sequencing yin classes with progression from beginner to advance

  • The use of props and variations for students with limited range of movement and injuries

  • Teaching breath work and pranayama in yin classes

Holistic Health & Yin Yoga

  • Holistic Nutrition and seasonal eating

  • Seasonal regimes for organ health and meridian flow

  • Cultivating a Yin lifestyle in a Yang society

  • Integrated Movement, Nutrition & Lifestyle


3 Hours Daily on Zoom

4PM Lisbon / London

5PM Paris / Copenhagen

11AM New York

"Throughout 2020 I am consistently amazed by the teachers that manage to create a safe place to lean into these online practises. Sofia is no exception and even in the pre-recorded practises I found myself discovering new layers. I learnt everything I had hoped for and so so much more. Thank you Sofia!"
Lucy Stratton, UK



 EARLY BEE €575 till September 1st 2024



Includes all tuitions zoom live + recorded videos

Course Manual, Playlists and Worksheets

5 Elements Audio Meditations

5 Elements Cooking Course


*All live Zoom classes are recorded in case you cannot attend a class


"Sofia was able to elicit such physical and emotional responses in me - something which I have never before experienced in an online class. Her yin energy flows through the screen, and she created an atmosphere in which I could truly embody yin myself. In a retreat setting we are in a bubble, and it is often difficult to incorporate new learnings when we come home. With the online course I still had to deal with normal life - with stressors and relationships - but I was pushed to use everything I learned in this normal setting. So when the course finished I wasn't suddenly outside of the bubble, starting from zero, but I could simply continue doing everything I had been doing during the course. In that sense, I believe the new online format is even better than retreat trainings, because I learned how to use yin in the midst of all the every day chaos."

Hilde Anvik, Norway

Our Training Location

Belize is a tropical paradise facing the Caribbean Sea in Central America. Known for its wonderful weather, happy people, and thriving expat communities, it is a land full of sun, fun and friends.

Omshanti, located in Belize City, is a holistic wellness center with green surroundings, spa, cafe, and a community of health-minded people practicing yoga, tai-chi, and mindfulness.

The Teacher

Sofia Araujo & Guests


Blessings from a few of our wonderful students from past yin yoga teacher trainings



Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!

    This teacher training really helped me to recognize and reconnect with myself in a very deep and conscious way and to remind me about what yoga essence really is.
    Thank you Swara yoga school and specially Sophia for providing me that experience throughout the week I was able to feel the deepest emotional release that I ever felt in my whole life and I’m so grateful for that.
    I strongly advise this course not only for teaching yoga but also to integrate in any other styles of yoga as it was wonderful to learn about meridians, the 5 Elements and their connection to our body and everything else inside of us.
    Vania Dias, Portugal