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Holistic Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Ericeira, Portugal08-15 October, 2019

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This training comprehends an integral education in the practice of restorative Yin Yoga, providing students in-depth knowledge of the human body, ranging from a bio mechanical perspective to a subtle energetic approach, allowing students to experience the different layers of the practice and teaching methods.


Functional Anatomy & Physiology applied to Yin Yoga:

  • Pathways of the Brain & Nervous System

  • Unwinding the Spine & Tension

  • Fascial System

  • Myofascial Lines & Spiral Loops

  • Skeletal ranges of Movement

Subtle Anatomy & Application in Yin Yoga

  • 5 Element theory and Natural cycles

  • Postural meridian mapping and diagnosis

  • Integration of physical, energetic and spiritual bodies: Jing, Qi & Shen

  • The subtle Nature of the mind and meditation

The Art of Teaching Restorative Yin Yoga

  • Effective communication and voice training

  • The art of sequencing yin classes with progression from beginner to advance

  • The use of props and variations for students with limited range of movement and injuries

  • Teaching breath work and pranayama in yin classes

Holistic Health & Yin Yoga

  • Holistic Nutrition and seasonal eating

  • Seasonal regimes for organ health and meridian flow

  • Cultivating a Yin lifestyle in a Yang society

  • Integrated Movement, Nutrition & Lifestyle


7am – 9amYin Yoga Practice
9am – 10amBreakfast Break
12pm – 3pmLunch Break
3pm – 5pmLectures and Group Sessions
5pm – 5.30pmTea Break
5.30pm – 7pmYoga Practice & Meditation
7.30pm - 9pmDinner


1350€ - Shared Double Room

All tuitions and manual, meals and shared accommodation for 8 days and 7 nights

1550€ - Single Room

All tuitions and manual, meals and accommodation for 8 days and 7 nights


Learn More About Our Training Location

Our Training Location

Belize is a tropical paradise facing the Caribbean Sea in Central America. Known for its wonderful weather, happy people, and thriving expat communities, it is a land full of sun, fun and friends.

Omshanti, located in Belize City, is a holistic wellness center with green surroundings, spa, cafe, and a community of health-minded people practicing yoga, tai-chi, and mindfulness.

The Teacher

Sofia Araujo


Blessings from a few of our wonderful students from past yin yoga teacher trainings



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