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Yoga & Nutritional Therapy Training

Educational, Experiential & Chilled!


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Join us at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada for a week of expansion and learning in Nature. The Yoga & Nutritional Therapy Training it´s a hands-on course focused on learning the basics of individualised yoga and functional plant based nutrition to optimise your personal constitution and practice.


You will be able to design a therapy practice based in harmonising the 5 Elements and their correspondent 12 organs-meridians, by learning how to assess what´s appropriate and when in the spectrum of movement, eating patterns and lifestyle choices.


Yoga therapy is the application of yoga to promote health and well-being in the individual, taking in consideration personal factors like age, constitution, present condition, lifestyle habits, living environment and personal relationships. To apply these principles one must practice self-observation, objective assessment, together with defining personal goals for our health and spiritual growth.


Personal yoga practices in alignment with your health´s needs


The retreat format of this course will facilitate the embodiment of these teachings and the communion with Nature, as we will divide our time between the yoga mat, the kitchen lab and in the contemplation of Nature´s Elements.


The training encourages each student to listen deeply their own process and undertake specific practices for self-inquiry held within the group experience. The day is  packed with practices, lectures and experiential learning weaved with plenty of time to rest by the pool, go for a hike in the mountains or simply take a nap. The principle is that you do what you need inside the proposed schedule.

Our Yoga Style

We cover a variety of styles during the course as we work with the different Elements, so the style serves the purpose of experiencing the Element that we are specifically working. From alignment based Hatha and Vinyasa Flow to the more subtle energetic practices of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness, students will learn different ways of practicing and assessing what better suits their constitution and condition.


Covered Subjects

Therapeutic poses and sequences for Organ Health

Yin & Yang - Balancing Opposites & Sustainability

The energetics of Healing Foods

Internal Climates - Signs and stages of Health & Dis(ease)

Assessing Constitution & Condition

Organ Detox Protocols

The Mindful cooking process

Cooking Methods & Applications

Home remedies in organ health: tonics, compresses & therapeutic food combinations

Health & Habits vs Belief & Behaviour

Designing strategies for personal health Goals


7 - 9 am Yoga Practice


9 -10.30 am Breakfast/ Brunch


10.30 - 12.30 Lecture & Kitchen Lab


1 - 2 pm Lunch


2 - 5 pm Free Integration time


5pm - 7pm Yoga Therapy Practice


7pm - 9pm Dinner & Chill

Food as Medicine

Diet is an integral part of this training and the food menu is designed to support all the practices on the course.

Using 80% of organic ingredients and the philosophy of both Macrobiotics and Ayurveda, the food on the training will help your body first detoxify and then regain an optimum balance between flexibility and strength and achieve alkalinity.

We will teach you how to cook therapeutically in relation to your health needs together with our chef´s dishes that are rich in nutrients, taste and presentation.

Our Course

The courses starts in the afternoon of the first day. In that day you check in, have a welcoming yoga class followed by dinner.

The next day we start our regular schedule until your departure, where we practice together in the morning and finish with our final  signature brunch.

This is not just a yoga teacher training course it’s a deep spiritual journey. This course helped me feel my physical body in ways I never knew existed. It’s a life-changing experience, really challenging you to connect with your inner self and inner elements. Thank you all so much!
Bella de Blasio, Australia
This experience was so much greater than a Teacher Training. I learned how to live my happiest, best, most efficient life and expanded my being in every aspect of my life.
I feel like a more luminous version of myself and I feel prepared to continue the journey of this life in the best way I can. This was such an impactful education and I’m grateful for all the doors it has opened for me.
Aly Homen, USA
Excellent course I have learned so much on the course both about yoga, the 5 Elements and my own self development. Can’t wait to explore more and share with my students when I get home.
Toni Dodd, UK


Sofia Araujo

Lead Teacher

It has been the best experience ever of my life. Now I know who I am! I’ve rediscovered myself. I believe again in the power and strength in my mind-body, heart and spirit. It has been the best way for me to understand who I am on and off the mat.
This was a safe and kind environment with the amazing professionals who are able to bring the best out of you, guide you with respect and heart. Thank you to this daily practice!
Magadalena Getler, Austria

Fees & Registration

Yoga & Nutritional Therapy

€ 1555

Single Room Accommodation

Shared Bathroom

€ 1255

Shared Room Accommodation

Shared Bathroom

Price includes:

All tuitions

Teaching materials

Certificate of Completion


3 plant based meals a day

Accommodation (single or double)


Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!