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We're happy you found our page! Here, you'll find a nurturing space that caters to yogis of all levels, whether you're just beginning your practice, looking to deepen your skills or you´re a teacher looking to expand your yoga toolkit.

Our workshops are thoughtfully designed to help you build awareness, confidence and provide you with yogic tools for you to apply to your everyday needs and lifestyle while connecting with a supportive community.

I´ve been working with yoga therapy since 2008 and the subjects here are a reflexion of what I learned through that process of working with individual needs. Take a moment to explore the upcoming sessions, and let's embark on this transformative path together.

Hari Om!

THE YIN CORE  - Spinal health, core activation & nervous system regulation
with Sofia Araujo live on Zoom
When: Saturday, September 21st   10am - 1pm (Lisbon Time)
Investment: € 35


Maintaining spinal health is fundamental for overall well-being, as the spine plays a crucial role in supporting posture, movement, and protection of the central nervous system while core activation is vital in supporting spinal health because the core muscles act like a natural corset for the spine.

A stable spine and strong core ensure proper nerve signaling and  promotes better brain-body communication. This optimal nerve function positively affects our health by improving muscle coordination, balance, and the body's ability to respond to stress. In addition, efficient nervous system communication enhances organ function and digestion.

The Yin Core Workshop will explore through practice and discussion the connection between the core and the spine as our central and innermost structure, the common conditions that affect the spine and how the nervous system regulation can help mitigate pain, misalignments and improve not only posture but especially how we carry ourselves and our spine in the world.



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What you need to know before a Workshop:

Workshops are conducted live online @ Zoom

Workshops include asana, somatic movement, pranayama, meditation & sequence charts

Your camera needs to be on so we can give you verbal adjustments and connect 

We record the workshop in case you can´t make it

All levels welcome, we offer pose modifications if needed

Props like blocks, straps or bolster are helpful 

Bring your favourite cup of tea, a notepad and pen

We see you on the Mat!

VAGUS NERVE  - Connection, stimulation & finding your vagus tone
with Sofia Araujo live on Zoom
When: Saturday, Oct 19th   10am - 1pm (Lisbon Time)
Investment: €35


The vagus nerve is the new hot topic in wellness spaces and the profound connection between the vagus nerve and yoga offers numerous health benefits. The vagus nerve, known as the "wandering nerve," is the longest cranial nerve and plays a significant role in the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs the body's "rest and digest" responses. It extends from the brainstem through the neck and thorax, reaching vital organs like the heart, lungs, and digestive system.

In this workshop we will sequence our practice with postures that work mainly in the upper body, where the vagus nerve branches out, enhancing its activity. As poses open the body for stimulation of the vagus nerve, sound, vibration, pranayama and meditation give it a healthy tone.

This practice will enhance our sense of well-being, improve emotional regulation, and develop a higher tolerance for stress. By stimulating the vagus nerve the body lowers the stress hormone levels, fostering a state of calm and balance.



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Professional Content

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