5 Elements Cooking Classes


Plant Based Cooking classes following the wisdom of the Seasons, inspired in Macrobiotics and Ayurveda! Ideal if you want to implement new and healthy eating habits, detox or find your ideal weight!

5 Video Classes + PDF Recipe Book


Featuring five classes, more than twenty recipes and over two hours of video instructions, the 5 Elements Cooking Classes provide in-depth instructions to help you choose your ingredients, prepare your meals efficiently, and cook with the seasons.

Available as an instant video download, these classes are your to keep and use on any device. Bring them with you into the kitchen to prepare your next healthy and delicious meal for any occasion.

In a time where returning to the Earth as our teacher is vital, we choose plant based diets for our courses and bring an ecological and social awareness just in plate of food.

We aim to inspire you to respect your body, Mother Earth and develop an attitude towards food that is creative and enjoyed by you.