Staying Centered

Staying Centered

So many things we can do to stay centered in these times. Just a few days ago, a yoga teacher in México wrote asking what kind of yoga she should be teaching to her students to balance the instability and panic experienced during the earthquake.

From a yoga point of view it is important to create practices that emphasize the work on the lower body, using the legs strongly and staying for long holds: Lunges, Chair pose, the Warrior sequences and Tree Pose. It is also great to work the core and give people a feeling of being centered in their own bodies so they can then bring that into their daily lives. The Pavanamuktasana series done slowly can be very beneficial.

On a food level, whole grains and root vegetables are a must, especially millet. Millet helps to lower cholesterol, is effective in reducing blood pressure, contributes to good digestive health, helps to optimize not only spleen function (the organ associated with the Earth element) but also the kidneys, the liver and the body´s immune response. Millet is also gluten free, which many people these days have allergies to. You can use millet in main meals but also in porridge for breakfast.

Yoga and diet do not change the outside circumstances but for sure can help us to deal better with what´s happening and reclaim our calm center in the midst of any storm or earth shake.

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