Swara Yoga School's

7 Day Autumn Reset Plan

Now is the perfect time to transition your energy from the long days and heat of the summer to the shortening days and coming cool of the autumn using principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, two of our focuses at Swara Yoga School.

We have put together a 7 day program that will help you establish healthy rituals and patterns, improve your digestion for a boost in physical output, improve your ability to leave unwanted patterns and stale energy behind, and strengthen your body and mind for the coming season.

  • Attend to your vata dosha for seasonal balance and strength
  • Enhance your digestive health for increased nutritional uptake and absorption
  • Release accumulation to leave behind the unneeded energies of the previous season
  • Clear your mind and increase physical accomplishment going into Autumn

We use this detox protocol ourselves and we swear by it - improved clarity and focus, more energy, more digestive efficiency, and a resulting sense of peace and openness to the coming autumn season.

Try it - we're sure you will love it!