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Organic Harvest Retreat


Andalucia, Spain Autumn 2019, Dates TBA

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  • Daily movement and yoga classes to support your body.
  • Daily workshops on preserving and making traditional foods.
  • Daily harvest of produce.

3 delicious meals are included in the course price, lots of organic produce from our farm supplemented from other local farms for dairy etc. Meals are mostly vegetarian always with a fully veg option when meat is served.

We have a beautiful covered terrace overlooking the swimming pool for meals outdoors and the “Museo” with a fireplace for eating in. The Museo features a collection and display of traditional farming equipment and remnants of daily life in the past.

Course Plan

Day 1Arrival, Welcome gathering, Dinner, yoga/massage class
Day 2Almonds/Walnuts- picking, The Cortijo has 9 varieties of almonds, some of our trees more than 50-100yrs old—we will pound the trees with rubber mallets to catch the nuts below in a giant net and fill our buckets with almonds, see how the outer shell is removed to reveal the almond shell. In the afternoon workshop we will be learning about making almond milk, soup, flour for bread and other baked goodies
Day 3All about Figs - Picking season will have ended but there is sorting to be done. Did you know drip figs are not simply fresh figs that have been dried but they are a different variety that dry on the tree? Over 1500-2000KILOS of figs are harvested each year on the farm. Once they have been picked they must be sorted for quality (some with holes/insects go to our animals 1st,2nd Y 3rd Quality and sorted accordingly and sold.
Day 4Olives-pruning/prepping—picking eating olives. The olives to be picked for pressing(oil) are not harvest until November to December but for table olives(eating) October is the time. Learn to marinade and preserve olives, make tapenade(and of course we will have lots of first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from the previous years harvest:)
Day 5Take a Hike—Prepare bee houses and see where the honey is made; Andalucía is home to some natural park 2000 catalog varieties of wild herbs and flowers. Our guide will lead you through the canyons and valleys to a local goat farm where we get our cheese and yogurt, breathtaking vies of the Alpujarras all along the way.
Day 6Rest, Relax, Recharge
Day 7Jars, Jars , Jars - Preserves, Jams, salsa, pickling/peppers. Learn how to preserve anything
Day 8Grapes/Wine —we have over 300 vines growing on our property, and 15 varieties of grapes, most were planted by Joaquin´s grandfather about 70 years ago. Learn to make wine—-picking/stomping—enough said—yes bare feet and all:)
Day 9Basic Landscaping, learn to prune and shape trees, planting winter vegetables, gathering firewood
Day 10Last practice, Breakfast, Departure


08.00-8:30Light Breakfast
10:00-10:45Second Breakfast
1:00-3:00Lunch & Break


We have two options for you to be part of this amazing organic culture:

Learn and play at the farm:

Be free to join any activity at anytime.

Camping: 1000 Euro
Shared Accom: 1200 Euro

Learn & Work at the farm:

This is a great opportunity to connect with the place and deepen your learning.
The fieldwork at 8:30 am is mandatory, with an extra hour of help in the kitchen or setting up the workshop. It's a total of 5 - 6 hours of work every day.
You will have free time to join the movement classes.

Camping: 500 Euro
Shared Accom: 600Euro

With any of the two accommodation options you will be able to bring home some of the products that we will be making.


Details coming soon!


The coast of Portugal is beautiful, powerful, and rich with culture.

Featuring long stretches of beach and perfect summer weather, the Portuguese coast is home to world class surfing, fine dining with fresh local ingredients, and the relaxed attitude of the Mediterranean.

You will feel at ease and find the perfect balance of sun, fun and yoga during your time in Portugal.

Our Location, Flights & Accommodation

Join us on a beautiful eco-farm surrounded by the mountains of Andalucia.



Sofia Araujo

Emily Baxter

As Well As Special Guest Teachers



Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!