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We have designed this program with your convenience and accessibility in mind. Skip the frustration of matching training dates with time off from work or other commitments to join a training around the world.

The Swara Yoga School Online Yoga Teacher Training allows you to start your journey into the practice and understanding of yoga from the comfort of your own home. Set your own pace according to your availability. Most important, integrate your training in your daily routine in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

The course is laid out in 10 modules, containing HD tuition videos, audio meditations, e-books, quizzes and our special feature: the sequence builder, where you can design your own class sequences with access to our exclusive software containing a library of over 350 postures and meditations.

You will also receive monthly support from one of our experienced teachers where all your questions are answered, along with guidance on how to approach your next module.

If you´ve been waiting for the right time to start your yoga education, no need to wait anymore. Start here!

Highlights of this training:

  • Professionally created content in every module
  • Student-friendly content structure and format
  • Direct support from one of our mentors once every month
  • Learning from professional and experienced teachers
  • Freedom to complete the course on your own schedule
  • Lifetime access to all materials - review and repeat any module, any time, at your convenience
  • Integrated assignments to develop your professional and personal life

Subjects Covered


  • The Vedas & Cosmology

  • The literature of Yoga

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Tantra Yoga

  • Ethics for Yoga Teaching

  • Application of Yoga Philosophy in Modern Living

Anatomy & Biomechincs

  • Gross Anatomy - Skeletal & Muscular System

  • The Nervous System

  • The Respiratory System

  • Planes of Movement

  • Psoas - More than a Muscle

  • Joints, Ligaments & Tendons

  • Agonist & Antagonist Actions & Muscles

Subtle Anatomy

  • Chakra System

  • Nadis

  • Pancha Koshas - The 5 Bodies

  • The Bhandas

The Art of Yoga Practice

  • Exploration of all Major Postures

  • Alignment - Find It, Feel It, Understand It

  • Different Practices for Different Bodies - Yoga Styles & Approaches

  • Pranayama & Teaching Breaths

  • Meditations For Daily Living

The Art of Yoga Teaching

  • Creating The Space & Intention Setting

  • Queuing

  • Observation

  • Voice Training

  • Demonstration

  • Sequencing

Ayurveda & Yogic Health

  • History & Philosophy

  • 5 Elements & 3 Doshas

  • The 4 Types of Metabolism

  • Constitution & Condition

  • Rtam - Life in Harmony with Cycles

  • Fundamentals of Plant Based Diet

  • Eating with the Seasons

  • Tastes & Cooking Methods

  • Re-setting the Digestive Fire

The Business of Yoga

  • Defining Your Brand and Image

  • What's Your Mission

  • Developing Your Strategy

  • Social Media Channels

  • Implementing Social Responsibility In Your Business

Here's an example of the subjects covered in just one of our ten modules (Module 1):

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the pre-requisites for signing up?

There are no pre-requisites for the training. The training is designed to be your starting point for your yoga certification. As for materials, you´ll need:

  • Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Yoga mat, block, strap and bolster
  • A note pad for journaling
  • Understanding of English Language
  • Motivation and curiosity to explore this new discipline


Who´s this training for?

This course if for anyone ready to start their journey with yoga integrated in their daily living or for anyone that already completed the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and wants to review the materials, lectures and have a continuing process in learning the art and science of Yoga.


Do I need to attend any classes anywhere?

It’s not necessary but we recommend that you attend regular classes in a local studio near you so you can foster your practice and get inspired from the way other teachers present their content.


How long it will take me to complete the program?

The program can be completed within 1 year of your initial purchased date. The materials and modules are structured in a way that you can finish the course in 10 to 12 weeks if you follow the program every week. If you only have time for the course once a month, you’ll finish in 10 to 12 months.


How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in a module format. Each module contains:

  • 1 HD Video – Alignment Workshop
  • 1 HD Video – Recorded Yoga Class
  • 1 HD Video – Recorded Lecture
  • 1 Audio / Video – Recorded Meditation and Pranayama
  • 1 Quiz/Test to be completed at the end of your module study
  • E-books with all subjects taught in the module
  • Sequence Builder classes with our own software that you can use for free


Am I all on my own when it comes to studying and completing the course?

No! Of course, it´s up to you to commit some hours regularly for studying the materials and watching the videos. But our monthly conference calls with the course coordinator will gives you a predictable opportunity to interact, receive feedback, and get your questions answered. And our private Facebook group is your place to be in touch with other students taking the course from all corners of the globe.


What are my payment options?

We have made this course very affordable for you. With professionally produced video content, audio recordings, study guides, quizzes, and our Sequence Builder software, the course is only €975 with lifetime access to all our materials. We have made it easy for you to pay a deposit of only €375 to get started and complete the payment after finishing module 3. Or pay the whole course upfront and receive 10% discount in any of our yoga events around the world.


What´s the Yoga style(s) we cover in the training?

The basis of our teaching is Hatha Yoga but we cover a variety of styles: Vinyasa, Yin, Women´s Health Yoga, We also cover in great detail the anatomy and biomechanics of yoga postures in an Iyengar inspired style.


How can I start?

Proceed to our payment page to complete your registration. A username and password will be generated, with which you can access all your course materials online. We strongly recommend that you download one module at a time and complete one module before you move to the next. Your time and study effectiveness will be better this way. Trust us on that!


How different is this course from any other online courses?

The way that we have paced the information in this online study program is quite unique. The thing that sets us apart is the organization of the course content. Rather than overload you with all of a certain topic in one module, you receive a part of each of the categories in each module.

For example, We don’t teach you all of anatomy in one module. You´ll learn the basis of yoga anatomy in Module 1, then continue to expand your anatomy knowledge all the way through to module 10. We do this because knowledge requires context to be meaningful. We have thought this through very carefully and have layered each topic to unfold and develop progressively, so that you fully comprehend the ways in which each topic relates to the others to create a holistic understanding of Yoga. This is the same with all yoga categories presented throughout the modules, such as philosophy, Ayurveda, teaching skills, alignment and asana practice.

We have waited many years before building our online teacher training, based on our experience of teaching onsite training for more than ten years to students from over fifty countries. We have refined the subjects and selected the most fundamental aspects of successful yoga teaching and are thrilled to share it with you.

Last but not least, our unique and powerful Sequence Builder software will help you in building the best yoga sequences ever!


What kind of certificate do I get?

Once you finish our Online Yoga Teacher Training you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Swara Yoga School.

If you´re looking for your Yoga Alliance accreditation you must complete in person one of our 200 Hours courses. Online studies are not accredited by the Yoga Alliance towards the 200 hours teacher certification.

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