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Holistic Yin Yoga Series Online


October 2nd - 30th 2022 - Live Online


5 Weeks Online Series



These intelligent movement & stillness practices are weaved in meaningful yogic philosophy, designed to regulate your body and nervous system through holistic yin yoga, pranayama, meditation and mudra, integrated with self-reflection work.


Week 1

Water Foundations

Develop awareness of your lower body and the interdependence between the roots (feet, ankles, knees) and the torso; between our internal resources and our external resilience!Yin has its foundations in deep inner listening and this first practice will create the optimum environment for you to navigate within.


Week 2

Aligning the Pelvis, Sacrum & Lower Back

Moving deeper in, we connect with the “home” of the kidneys and reproductive organs – the pelvis & lower back. Learn in this class how to create the balance between stability and mobility while assessing what you need in alignment with your individual structure and condition.


Week 3

Spinal Fluidity & Homeostasis

Breath, movement and spinal flexibility are the ingredients to a healthy spine. The spine is the central axis in our bodies and the spinal fluid, the rhythmic water that nourishes our brains and bodies. This class to creates awareness of this internal rhythmic movement and effects on nervous system regulation.


Week 4

The Web of Lymph & Fascia

We explore the symbiotic relation between lymph and fascia in movement and touch, by practicing circular movements to unlock the joints and dissolve any tension patterns in your lymphatic and fascia systems. With touch, you will learn release points that facilitate the flow of chi /prana and access deeper states of vitality and somatic awareness.


Week 5

Kidneys: the dance of Fire & Water

We will finish our series with a kidney regenerative practice to boost your immune system and ignite clarity of mind. The aim is to cultivate an energised body and serene mind, so it serves as a frame of reference to our wellbeing. This is the core-integration of Yin & Yang.


Your Teacher

Sofia Araujo

A different Online Experience

Rest, practice and regenerate in the comfort of your home!




The details:

Time: 10am – 12pm (every Sunday) Lisbon Time

Investment: €108



Each class builds up on the next. All classes in this series contain:


The theme development in line with 5 Element theory & somatic practices.

The practice of asana sequences, mudra and meditation.

Weekly theme reflection sheet

List of short follow-up micro-practices for your week

All classes are Live on Zoom

Access to recordings for 30 days



Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or other inquiry you may have. We want to hear from you!