10 Micro-practices to prepare yourself for Spring!

10 Micro-practices to prepare yourself for Spring

We are approaching that transition in the year where we come from the deep Yin energy of Winter into the beginning of Yang expansion phase. Spring energy is slowly coming through and our bodies, energy and mind probably need that same expansion. Change can be met with curiosity and excitement or resistance and hesitation, so check how´s your state of mind and being as we move from yin to yang, from Winter´s depth to the surface of Spring, from me to we:-)


Here´s 10 micro practices to help you tune with the yang energy of Spring


  • 10 minutes of complete yogic breath, making sure you stretch and move the diaphragm


  • Sun Salutations, 12 cycles, ensures all your body systems are awake and circulating


  • Start waking up slighter early than your normal time and catch the morning light from wherever you can in your living space or outside. Allow the sun and/or light to be absorbed into your cells (you can visualise this too:-)


  • Put together a mini collection of your most inspirational books, even if you read them before. Everyday open a random page and read for yourself out loud for 10/15 minutes. It will open your expression and fill you with positive words and sounds.


  • If you normally hike, take a different route for your new walk. If you don´t hike or walk, start going outside and get used to spend time outdoors again and move your body. 20 minutes is a wonderful place to start.


  • Create a new vision board with words, texts, photos, colours, natural elements, whatever you feel like calling in and have it somewhere in the house that you can see everyday. Can be a work in progress, take your time throughout Spring to bring it fully to life.


  • Cold shower, even if it´s only the last minute of your shower, do it, don´t think about it, changes your day!


  • Clean out your fridge and bring lots of colour in through fruits and veggies.


  • 5/10 min Meditation before sleep, will do wonders to the quality of your sleep. Breath awareness meditation or simply digesting your day visually can help you reset your nervous system and prepare you for a sound sleep. If you´re new to meditation, check some of our free  audio meditations here!


  • On a daily basis, choose a tangible goal you can achieve today that would contribute positively into your big picture vision!


Remember you can do them all in one day or only one, what matters is your consistency and willingness to create a different rhythm. Micro practices done for a long period of time deliver long lasting changes that are then reflected in a new energy pattern and state of mind.


“Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”

Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda


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