5 Ways That Can Help You Re-Start Your Yoga Practice

5 Things That Can Help You Re-Start Your Yoga Practice

As many of my students know I travel quite a lot, between teaching and my own personal travels I move quite a lot, which sometimes can compromise certain aspects of my lifestyle like cooking my own food or having a steady yoga practice. Some places are more inspiring than others and that for sure affects how much I show up in my yoga mat. In an ideal world, that shouldn´t make a difference, but the truth is it does, so throughout the years I have developed some tricks that help me re-start the momentum of having a daily practice and I want to share them here with you.

1 – Start Slow, find your rhythm

What to say, my power animal is the turtle, so I know my rhythm is slow, starting a 2-hour yoga practice after a break doesn´t really work for me. So I put my alarm clock about 45 minutes earlier than I was intended to get up and give myself that time to get out of bed and straight into the yoga mat (I do brush my teeth though).

I find it more gently for both the body and the mind to gradual pick up the practice, it doesn’t seem like a major shift, just simply a gentle change in my daily routine, yet I can feel the benefits straight away and the familiarity with this state of being.

2 – Set up a set sequence

You might want to write your own sequence or get inspiration from somewhere else. Sometimes I write my own sequence and make sure I practice the next day. Other times I do series that are familiar to me and know them by heart. Whatever you choose just make sure you have the paper with you and finish your sequence, even when the thought of going back to bed crosses your mind every 5 breaths. You will feel amazing after it and the sense of completion lingers to the rest of your day.

3 – Find a yoga friend

One of the ways that works for me if I am in place where my friends are around is to have yoga dates. We meet up to practice together and then we go on to the normal stuff, chat, have tea, etc. We all have yoga fanatic friends those are the best to buddy up! Is incredible to co-create a practice together with your friends and be inspired by each other.

4 – Sign up for a month in a local studio

This is also something that works really well, take an unlimited pass in your local yoga studio and make sure you go at least 4 or 5 times a week. Not only is great to do it regularly but also you will be inspired by other teacher´s styles. I have this approach that no matter who is teaching and what style, there is always something for me to learn. Remember that one of the benefits of yoga is flexibility, so stay open to what you can receive in any given time if you are simply open to it.

5 – Practice doesn´t make Perfect

Practice makes you more present, more aware and more alive. One of the reasons sometimes we might be holding back on restarting the practice is because we want it to be perfect, let me tell you by experience, it will not. Downward dog will hurt, headstand will be shaky and even the reliable Warrior II will be floppy and not even getting me started on the meditation part. So don´t give up before you even start and give yourself a break. What is important is that you show up, let the how you show up be something that changes, grows and unfolds day by day.

Hope you find this useful and you know I always want to hear from you, do you have any other tricks that work? I´m happy to hear☺

Have a great practice,


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