A Word Or Two About Alignment

A word or two about Alignment

In Yoga, we often refer to alignment as a physical concept, if we rotate this, press here and extend that then we are in alignment. I find this notion very basic and not fully embracing the potential of incorporating alignment in our practice.

Your pose might not be as perfect as the ones you see in yoga magazines, but are you breathing in it? Is your mind present with the movements and postures that your body is doing? Are you focused in your own practice or are you distracted with what someone else´s practice looks like? When you walk your path in life do you keep in mind and heart certain yoga principles like Honesty, Gratitude or Devotion? And how do you treat everyone around you, especially when you´re not having such a great time? Most important question, how do you treat yourself? Is self-acceptance and self-compassion part of your daily practice?

Yoga is very popular right now, everyone is doing it and everyone wants more of it and I personally find that it is very important to bring these key alignment principles into our practice and for yoga teachers, into our teaching and sharing with students.

Patanjali talks about the alignment of Thought, Speech & Action and that in essence is Yoga. What you say and what you do needs coherence, what you think and what you say requires mindfulness and what you think what you do asks for guidance from the wisdom of our own hearts, that in essence is love and compassion. Yoga practice peels off the filters that are in the way of that love and compassion. When we integrate our minds, our hearts and our actions then we can say we are in alignment; until then let´s all keep practicing these principles on and off the mat!

What about you? Are you integrating these in your practice and classes? Drop me and line and share how, would love to hear your thoughts.

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