Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes

Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes

Ayurveda, one of the world´s oldest natural medicine systems, was formulated in India thousands of years ago and is used till this day to heal and prosper. In India it has been used since Vedic time (5000 years ago) and in the last decades, with the interest of the West in the philosophy and it´s holistic approach, has gained considerable popularity especially amongst yogis.

I was first introduced to Ayurveda in 2005 in Kerala, through nutrition and the medicinal aspects of Ayurvedic food and herbs. My yoga teacher back than practice Ayurveda in the same way he used to practice yoga, integrated in his daily life. I was very fast fascinated by the individual application of this medicine and how was gradually changing my body, my relation with food and I was discovering new routines that at the time seemed odd but the results left no doubt about the efficiency of this practice.

I have been spending large chunks of time every year in India since that encounter in 2005 and have experienced several applications of this very complete medicinal system. From the use of healing foods, herbs, minerals, oils to gem stones, flowers and powders, is simply impossible to not be in awe of the magic and generosity of Nature.

Ayurveda aims for longevity and quality of living. Health is not only the absence of disease but an integration of all the aspects of life in a dynamic state of balance. What I really love about this system is the fact that is folk medicine practiced by anyone and everyone. In the 5 Element Yoga Teacher Training (add link to course content), there is a module on Ayurveda and students often get fascinated by the depth of this subject but also the simplicity. I often hear “this makes so much sense”. It makes sense because is Nature´s language in dialogue with our human nature. Most of Ayurvedic recipes are made in the kitchen, independently if they are for eating or for internal or external use. Here´s a beautiful body scrub (and very cheap) you can do in your kitchen that is full of antioxidants and will improve circulation, boost metabolism (great for the winter months) and allow your skin to breathe better.

  • Ubtan Scrub Ingredients

    • 1 cup of orange split lentils
    • ½ cup of oats
    • ½ cup of chickpea flour
    • ¼ cup of brown rice
    • 10 almonds
    • 1 tsp. of turmeric powder
    • 2 drops of sandalwood oil (optional)
    • 250 ml of coconut cream milk
    • 1 tbs. of olive oil or coconut oil
  • Preparation & Application

    • Back in the days, Indians used to use a mortar pestle but let´s just use a food processor and grind the lentils, the brown rice, the almonds and the oats until you have a powder.
    • Then add the turmeric, the chickpea flour and the drops of sandalwood.
    • Finally add the coconut milk cream and the oil.
    • Mix it all together in a bowl with your hands.
    • Rub the mixture in your skin and always use circular movements.
    • Leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash.

This is a great procedure that you can do once a week.



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