Confidence Building Poses

Confidence Building Poses

If nothing else, Spring is a great time to be brave and bold. Life and light are awake outside and our senses are more alive and easily stimulated. We day dream more and get carried away with so much potential around. If you feel this way at this particular time of the year, youยดre very much in synch with the energy of Spring. If not Yoga is that great practice that can change your state of body and mind almost instantaneously. Either way this poses are great to build courage, confidence and excitement, incorporate them into your sun salutations or practice them individually. Have a try and see your mood shift like a Spring day!

Half Moon Pose

I love this pose simply because it demands so much concentration, engagement, and always offers a new challenge every time I do it. So much is happening, standing, balancing, twisting and lengthening the side body. When you finally can balance it feels super empowering and strong.

Wheel Pose

Talk about courage and trust and you have wheel pose to make you experience that. The healthy compression on the kidney area, actually gives a boost of energy and upward energy, which improves our mood and confidence. Counter pose with a long seating forward bend.

Upward Dog

We almost take upward dog for granted, just because we use it in mostly in transitions. As a pose in itself and help for 1 minute to 2, upward dog strengthens the whole upper body, opens the chest area, which is always a sign of confidence.

Side Plank

For me personally, side plank is also a balancing pose, strengthen the side body and requires great strength and engagement of the whole body, especially if you focus on keeping your hips as up as possible. Side plank changes our whole posture as we receive the support from the side body to holds us strong.

Reversed Chair Pose

Not the most comfortable but one of those that feels amazing when itยดs done. Stimulates the liver organ and gets rid of any stagnation associated with the liver, which results in a more bright mood.

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