Headstand is good for every Season

Headstand is good for every Season

I´m positive that at some point in your yoga practice you stumble upon the practice of Headstand. Headstand triggers all kind of reactions, on a physical, chemical, mental and emotional levels.
In the classics of Yoga headstand is often revered and described as the king of all poses. The main reason being that Headstand is a pose that affects different systems of the body, especially the hormonal system which controls our mood, awake and sleep cycle, several organ functions and has a deep impact on our nervous system. The hormonal system always requires a delicate balance and the Headstand seems to be a great workout towards that balance.

Here all 7 of the major benefits:

  • A great workout for the heart – There´s a healthy pressure in the heart (and lungs) as de-oxygenated blood flows more easily from the extremities of the heart and gets purified.
  • Stimulates digestive function – The inversion aspect of headstand prevents the digestive organs to get sluggish and reverses the gravity tendency we have as we get old.
  • Enhances brain function – The fresh supply of blood will improve your levels of alertness and focus.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system – The lymphatic system is stimulated by muscle contraction and gravity. In a headstand lymph travels easily to the lungs where toxins are eliminated.
  • Improved glandular function - Headstands stimulate and provide refreshed blood to the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.
  • Strong immune system – When the organs function better and the body has some extra help in eliminating toxins your immune system is strengthen as result. Your mood also influences the immune system and Headstand is a practice that improves your mood!
  • Confronting fear – Nothing better than boosting your own self confidence than challenging yourself to an unknown place. Being upside down can help us find the tools to stay up and use all our resources for it. At the same time can help us find the way to fall and get up again. Sounds like to me this a excellent life skill.

So how to practice:

If you are new to the practice of Headstand the best is that you find a qualified teacher that can guide you step by step. If you had a few go´s at it and want to make it as a daily practice pose you works toward, I would advise you to make several planks and even push ups to strengthen your upper body and core. Then start at the wall and make sure that your upper body is solid and engaged as possible. Don’t worry about lifting your legs up, that is an easy once the bottom part of the pose (the upper body) is strong and steady. Play with taking your legs off the floor one at a time.

If you are already a Headstand practitioner there´s always room for challenging yourself. You can do it by extending the time up to 5 minutes (the Iyengar way), you can try to close your eyes or even focus on a specific mantra like So-Ham or Om!

A little bit of effort every day is the key to improve your practice and take your body to new limits. Who knows what you´ll find in there!!! Enjoy your yourself!

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