Reflections, Holidays & closing the Cycle

Reflections, Holidays & closing the Cycle

The Solstice, Xmas and New year celebrations, are not merely dates in our calendar, they mark the end and beginning of a cycle and is important to create rituals around these dates and make room for prayer and intention.

If you want to create a ritual is simple, choose a place and a time where you can be by yourself to seat and be. Maybe you want to light a candle and incense, or maybe that´s not your cup of tea and you rather just seat outside in Nature somewhere you like.

Whatever you choose and where, allow your attention to stay anchored in the energy of your surroundings. Take your time to drop into that space. Go back! Watch your year go by like a movie, what was the moments that marked you and left an impression, observe in the same way that you would be watching the different scenes of a movies unfolding as the story progresses. Say thank you to all that came to you, the good, the bad, the ugly. Embrace it all, deny none. Say thank you. There is always something to be grateful for. Like Thorton Wilder said: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures”

This is prayer!

Take a breath! Now let´s fast forward! What does your heart desires? Forget about things for now and let´s be ambitious. What are the qualities you want to cultivate in yourself? What could upgrade your life? Your relations? Your lifestyle? What qualities are needed in yourself in order for you to accomplish what you want both internally and externally?

Once you have reflected on that, apply the practice of Japa, the soundless sound and repeat internally your aspirations.

This is intention!

Stay in the moment anchored in your breath. Breath in the new, let go of the old. Inhale your prayers and exhale your intentions! This is the end of your ritual.

Enjoy, celebrate and wish you happy new cycle!

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