Spring Rituals

Spring Rituals

Rituals enhance a state of calmness and promote a positive mindset and they definitely can help us go through this inward time when outsider Spring is bursting. We often think it has to be complicated and not incorporated in our daily lives, so we wanted to give you some suggestions and you can see which ones could make your day brighter


Tea Time – Choose your best and favorite tea! Set up a little corner in your house where you are going to serve tea for yourself. Try not to add any other task while you have tea. Simply use your senses to smell the tea fragrance, feels the warmth in your hands, hear the sounds of sipping and pouring in your tea cup, watch the color and finally pay full attention to the taste. Tea drinking can be a full meditative experience if you turn on your presence.


Bath Time – Feeling tense and not getting enough movement? Salt baths are ideal to relieve tension and enjoy some suppleness. If you don’t have a bath tub where you can immerse your body fully, get a bucket and you can use this same recipe to give yourself a foot bath.

Bath recipe – Epson salt (or normal sea salt), 2 tsp. of baking soda to alkalize, few drops of the following combinations: lavender and cedar wood; lavender and pine; bergamot and tea tree; orange and eucalyptus; bergamot and lemongrass.


Cooking with the seasons – If there´s already one positive outcome of this lock down, is the opportunity to really be involved in your nourishment process. Cooking with the seasons if super enjoyable in Spring, as there are so many new vegetables around. Prefer the green vegetables and leafy greens to be part of your staple diet. If you want to some recipes inspirations, check our Blog for recipes or our annual Spring Detox.


D-clutter – Keep this activity for when you´re really bored or your mind starts to give you trouble. We don´t need to tell you how to d-clutter but here´s a tip:

“If you don´t use it, give it away!” which takes us to the next ritual


Giving – You can start of course with those items you no longer need, but what about giving some more valuable things, like your time for example. Reserve a part of your day or week to give something away of value. Our time is precious now and most of us has a lot of it right now. What about that phone call to a relative or a friend you haven´t talked in a long time? You can expand this concept of giving and let u know in the comment any other suggestions.


Journaling – Make a recap of what you last year since last Spring, has been all about. I find that checking the picture of my phone really helps in accessing clearly what I´ve done, where have I been, with who and most important do I remember how I felt?

Write about it in your diary (if you don´t have one, is a great time to start) and watch what kind of mindset that creates in you.


Move – Yoga, dance, walk, exercise, whatever you need, use this growth time of Spring to keep your body active and your lymph moving. Stagnant bodies create stagnant thoughts and right now we need to be vigorous.
Joint warm ups and and undulating movements to release excess energy accumulated in the body from sitting/sleeping more than usual are ideal. These movements help the Liver (the organ associated with Spring season) to function well and get rid of stagnation.


Meditate & Gratitude – No matter for how long, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 2 hours, what matters is the consistency and that you notice the benefits every time you do it. Lately I´ve been meditating a lot on gratitude. I feel incredibly blessed to have food, a home, a community and feeling safe and healthy. How about you? We know we all lost so many things with this sudden shift but what are the aspect of our lives to be grateful for?

Here´s a little audio meditation to help you get started!

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