Sweet September

The communion of all seasons!

If you´re in the Northern hemisphere, September is that sweet and pleasant month where summer is slowly slipping away but Autumn is not here yet! This is the season of transition and requires us to pull some focus towards the center of ourselves and put in practice what we know as Self-Care.


See self-care is quite personal for each one of us, so before any practices or pedicures, we need to connect to the notion of what makes us feel we are taking care of ourselves.

Self-nourishment is connected with our ability to receive care and further transform that care into an experience that “fills our cup” and nourishes us from within.


If we look at Nature, we see how the Earth receives the Sun, the Water and the Seeds and transforms that into food, that we humans and the animal kingdom consume as nourishment. We depend and survive on Her ability to receive and transform.


So, this is often what I ask myself:




In my experience is that if you start from here you will know what to do next (or for a lot of us the absence of doing seems to be the best self-care) and you can start prioritizing some time for yourself.


In 5 Element theory, this period is the Harvest season, the Late summer, the Golden light hour and when we gather the fruits of our labor. It´s time to literally put our feet on the ground, be thankful, watch the change of seasons and enjoy the sweetness of this time through its sweet fruits and vegetables and the nourishing whole grains. Time to relax and slow down while staying focused and attentive to your personal needs.


Beneficial foods to include in your diet during this season are millet, corn, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, walnuts, figs, yams, oats, dates, chestnuts and almonds. In fact, almonds roasted with barley malt are a perfect harvest treat!


In times of radical change seems pivotal to center ourselves and remember how to access our internal support system. It´s a matter of choice, self-responsibility and receptivity!

Stay curious and see what the fertile ground of your life is offering you right now.

Enjoy your time!


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