Why We Love Surya Namaskar

Why we love Surya Namaskar

Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) are the VIP´s of yoga classes, mainly because they are part of pretty much every style of yoga and often find their way into most class sequences. They are a great warm up, as well as a practice by itself. You could do your morning routine consisting of only sun salutations and would be complete.

Done with the right breath awareness and single focus in each movement, the sun salutations warm up all the muscles of body, energize all meridians and stimulates the internal digestive fire, which allow us to digest effectively food, thoughts and emotions and Life itself.

When practiced in the morning time (the Yang /Active part of the day), sun salutations act as a boost for the rest of your day. To me it has the same effect as coffee (or let´s say almost!).

The dynamic movement of the spine, synchronized with the breath can be practiced in slow, medium or fast pace. It´s up to you how much Fire you want to ignite and how much you need, but no matter which rhythm you choose, here´s some of the fruits you reap after a consistent daily practice:

  • Improved digestion – The whole digestive track benefits from this practice, as it stimulates peristaltic movements and removes laziness from your digestive organs. Ideal for someone suffering from constipation.
  • Improves your overall posture since it tones both your abs and back muscles, strengthening the entire core.
  • More clarity and mental focus due to the detoxing effect is has on liver and blood. The fire generated burns away impurities on a blood level, which means your liver will have less toxicity to process, leaving all that space available for bright thoughts.
  • Hormonal Balance – the spine has a great influence in all the hormones in the body, the flexion and extension spine will put a healthy stimulation in the glandular system of the whole body.
  • For women it helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce Pms symptoms like cramps, bloating, mood swings and lower back tension.

I´m sure there are another 108 benefits associated with the sun salutations but the most important for me is the aspect of reverence and gratitude that gets developed when you do this daily. Your day has another kind of quality, it´s your moment when your body expresses and moves to say thank you to the warm, the light and the possibility of another day.

Sun salutations as your morning ritual? What´s not to love?

Have a great practice,


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