Winter Time, Reflection Time!

Winter Time, Reflection Time!

Every Winter I get the chance to be in it rather than fleeding the scene to the next tropical beach, I´m actually reminded of the magic and gifts that this cold season brings us. We get to slow down, eat more, be less engaged in outdoor activities and myself personally I love to create some rituals that help me reflect through the spectrum of past, present and future. Writing and nature walks allow me to do that and I loved receiving on the email, just a couple of days before New Year what my friend and international coach Rachel Allan had sent me. A compilation of very clear questions and invitation to reflect about this last year and what we want to express and see materialize in 2018.

If you have around 1 hour, just take yourself to a beautiful cozy space and take this reflection journey:-)

Below is the mail that Rachel sent me. She is a great coach who has worked with me and many others to develop our inner leadership. From this place we can have the life we REALLY want and make the choices we really choose. Her contact details are at the bottom, but in the meantime - just slow down and give yourself some time to be intentional for 2018:

So what do you want for 2018?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to do?

As 2017 closes, I have an annual practice of 'completion' and then take some time to stop and create clear 'intentions' for 2018. It's a great process which can create celebration, learning and closure for your year last year and intention for the next.

When do we ever get the chance to stop, reflect and intentionally go, 'right whats next for me?'.

Why don't you do it this year? It's great to celebrate you after all!

Let's celebrate you! You are unique, there is noone like you in the world and you are 100% worth it!

So here are the questions I use... just keep it simple and use what works for you:

In 2017:

  1. What were the successes, wins, breakthroughs, celebrations, accomplishments, proud of’s, boxes well ticked
  2. What were the failures, disappointments, losses, breakdowns, incompletions, embarrassed abouts
  3. What were your 3 game changers (unexpected events that shifted your priorities)
  4. What were the 3 things you focused on (put most of your time into)
  5. What were the 3 things you forgot (didn’t get around to)
  6. So, what does that mean you have learnt about your life and yourself?

So how does the process work?

However you want! - I usually grab my phone (photos), diary and journal and just start looking through - writing down the key people and events that happened / influenced me. The things that changed, the things that haven't... then I go to the above questions and start asking them. Through the first 5 questions, we get to 6, and then onto 2018, below.

BOOM - So what does that mean for:

  1. What you will commit to in 2018.
  2. How do you envision your year in 2018.
  3. Who do you want to show up in your life and what actions will you take? (What are you saying yes to, and what are you saying no to).

Simple. And there you have it - in a few simple questions a set of intentions for 2018.

I always choose a word for 2018 - actually this year I cheated and chose 2 mine are JOY & ALIVE. This is about choosing the perspective of Joy everyday and participating, choosing consciously and feeling lucky to experience everything - the good & the bad. ALIVE>

What word do you CHOOSE for 2018? Rach and I would love to know.

Just drop us an email now and tell us - or in the comments below.

AND - If you want to know more about Rachel´s work, she is offering free 121 - 30 minute coaching sessions for the people I love for this month only. So slow down and try it out and create the year you really want. You won't regret it.

You can find her on social media here: Instagram, Linkedin.

Or contact her directly via email here / team@bedifference.org /rachaallan@gmail.com

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