The Yoga of Rest?

The Yoga of Rest?

Rest is really underrated these days! In a society where being too busy for self-care is the norm, what can be really radical? To rest, to step back and to take time off. In this way when you actually have to be productive, you will be able to be more focused.

Yoga is a great practice to help us restore and relax but we still need to be mindful of what kind of yoga practice are we bringing into our lifestyles. Sometimes the energizing feeling we want to experience from a yoga practice, can be turned into exhaustion and overwhelm. This is a clear sign that the practices we choose are not really in line with what our bodies need.

In the light of the winter season make sure that you incorporate some of the following aspects of yoga into your practice:

Yoga Nidra – One of the most amazing practices of yoga for restoration of the nervous system, hormonal regulation and to calm down the business of our minds. Yoga Nidra can be done in any part of your day and in fact it can be your yoga practice for the day.
Here´s an incredible directory for all kinds of yoga nidra practices: http://www.yoganidranetwork.org/downloads

Savasana or Child´s Pose – We all work for that savasana at the end of practice or that rest in child´s pose but what about making the practice a 10-15 min savasana/child´s pose? Find a quiet and warm space, make yourself comfortable and simply allow your body to rest and be held by the ground. The energizing effects by this practice can be really astonishing- Be Aware!

Awareness Meditation – This is a very simple 5-minute meditation that works as a drop into the moment kind of practice. Find a quiet space, plug your headphones and just allow yourself to be guided into a state of awareness and relaxation!

Awareness Meditation

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