Swara Yoga School offers an integrative health education through 5 Element Yoga Teacher Trainings, Holistic Health & Nutrition Immersions and Bodywork Trainings.

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Sierra Nevada
Experience The Magic Of Andalucia
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Your Tropical Yoga Training Awaits
Praia Do Tonel, small isolated beach in Alentejo region, Sagres, Portugal.
The Hidden Treasure Of Southern Europe

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A unique and all-encompassing approach to Yoga combined with a progressive education curriculum.

Our YTTs will inspire you to teach with confidence and authenticity!


  1. 5 Elements Yoga Teacher Training

    9 Jun , 2017 - 29 Jun , 2017
  2. thai-bodywork-featured-1

    Foundation Thai Vedic Bodywork

    5 Jul , 2017 - 9 Jul , 2017
  3. Women are doing a stretch of hip joint

    Intermediate Thai Vedic Bodywork

    21 Jul , 2017 - 25 Jul , 2017


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    Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes

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