Swara Yoga School offers an integrative health education through 5 Element Yoga Teacher Trainings, Holistic Health & Nutrition Immersions and Bodywork Trainings.

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    Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    2 Sep, 2017 - 14 Sep, 2017
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    Women’s Yoga & Leadership Training

    2 Oct, 2017 - 15 Oct, 2017
  3. 5 Elements Yoga Teacher Training

    23 Jun , 2018 - 13 Jul , 2018


Sierra Nevada
Experience The Magic Of Andalucia
Tegalalang, Bali
Your Tropical Yoga Training Awaits
Monastre de la Panaghia Chozoviotissa
A Mediterranean Island Paradise
Praia Do Tonel, small isolated beach in Alentejo region, Sagres, Portugal.
The Hidden Treasure Of Southern Europe

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A unique and all-encompassing approach to Yoga combined with a progressive education curriculum.

Our YTTs will inspire you to teach with confidence and authenticity!


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    There are several conditions they manifest of the adrenals not functioning at their optimum and being fatigues, aka adrenal fatigue....

  • www.ulrikereinholdphotography.com

    Reflections, Holidays & closing the Cycle

    The Solstice, Xmas and New year celebrations, are not merely dates in our calendar, they mark the end and beginning of a cycle and is important to create rituals around these dates and make room for prayer and intention....

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    Why We Love Surya Namaskar

    Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) are the VIP´s of yoga classes, mainly because they are part of pretty much every style of yoga and often find their way into most class sequences....

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