Swara Yoga School offers an integrative health education through 5 Element Yoga Teacher Trainings, Holistic Health & Nutrition Immersions and Bodywork Trainings.

Yoga Alliance Certified



  1. Yin Yoga and Women´s Health Immersion

    27 Apr , 2018 - 29 Apr , 2018
  2. Holistic Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    25 May , 2018 - 1 Jun , 2018
  3. 5 Elements Yoga Teacher Training

    23 Jun , 2018 - 13 Jul , 2018


Sierra Nevada
Experience The Magic Of Andalucia
Escape To The Exotic
Praia Do Tonel, small isolated beach in Alentejo region, Sagres, Portugal.
The Hidden Treasure Of Southern Europe
Tegalalang, Bali
Your Tropical Yoga Training Awaits


From The Swara Blog

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  • A Word Or Two About Alignment

    Your pose might not be as perfect as the ones you see in yoga magazines, but are you breathing in it? Is your mind present with the movements and postures that your body is doing?...

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    There are several conditions they manifest of the adrenals not functioning at their optimum and being fatigues, aka adrenal fatigue....

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