A Positive Spring Visualisation

A Positive Spring Visualisation

Visualisations are powerful practices that can quickly shift our state of mind. It´s not a type of "fake it till make it" kind of practice, is more "see it, feel it and embody it". In reality our brain produces similar if not the same hormones, weather a situation happened or you just imagine it, so why not harness the power of visualisation?

What athletes have known for years is that if you visualise it, the concept begins to feel more attainable in your brain an therefore has a better chance of being experienced in reality. In other words, to attract it you need to focus on it.

In this particular visualisation practice, we simply what to create a relaxed state of being, a regulated nervous system and an invigorating sense of self.

This can take from 5 to 10 minutes. Here we go:

You´re walking barefoot on a green field. The grass is slightly moist and fresh. Your feet gently step on the field receiving the freshness of ground. This is invigorating yours legs and your whole body. Your steps are mindful and with each and every one of them, you are connected with the space between your feet and the ground and the space within you.

You walk forward towards the light of the sun and you start to feel the confidence in each step, to walk towards where you need to go. There´s a deep inner knowing of what´s your purpose and where you have to walk towards. The path is unfolding and in this moment the process  has priority over the destination.
You know that this Spring brings you a fresh start, a reset and an array of possibilities you haven´t considered before. Your body is open to it, you take a deep inhalation and allow these expanding feelings to be received with your whole being. Stay in that feeling and sensation for a couple of minutes. You have concluded your visualisation practice!


"Transcripts from Sofia´s morning yoga practices on the teacher training"


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Enjoy your practice!

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